Our Vision: To be a "Trusted and Preferred Hospital" in providing healthcare services that respect patient rights and comply with national and international standards.

Our Mission: To provide healthcare services that are friendly, reliable, innovative, and respectful of human rights.

Our Policies:

  1. Keep pace with and utilize the technology required by the age in our hospital.
  2. Maintain patient and employee satisfaction and safety at the highest level at all times.
  3. Reflect an objective and participatory management approach at all levels of our hospital.
  4. Continuously improve and develop our Quality Management System.

Our Values:Ethical: The successful treatment of our patients is our top priority. In this context, as the Hospital Management and all Employees:

  • Show respect to patients and patient rights.
  • Carry professional and scientific responsibilities.
  • Not be influenced by differences in language, religion, sect, race, age, gender, or political beliefs while carrying out our duties.
  • Perform our work correctly and with dedication, taking ownership of the institution.
  • Work to improve oneself.
  • Listen to complaints and suggestions and provide solutions.
  • Keep promises and have a sense of loyalty.
  • Avoid behaviors that damage the institution's trust and reputation.

In terms of the Health Services we provide:

  • Work in compliance with national and international law.
  • Work to enhance service quality and increase patient and employee satisfaction.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for all employees, especially our female employees.
  • Act in line with the hospital's vision and mission.

Trust: Being an institution where our patients entrust themselves with confidence. Competence: Providing healthcare services with professionals. Innovative: Working to deliver healthcare services with the latest technology and new approaches and applications