Our values


ETHICS: The successful treatment of our patients is our top priority. In this context, as the Hospital Management and all Employees:

• Respect patients and patient rights. • Carry professional and scientific responsibilities. • Not be influenced by differences in language, religion, sect, race, age, gender, or political beliefs while carrying out our duties. • Perform our work correctly and with dedication, taking ownership of the institution. • Work to improve oneself. • Listen to complaints and suggestions and provide solutions. • Keep promises and have a sense of loyalty. • Avoid behaviors that damage the institution's trust and reputation.

In terms of the Health Services we provide:

• Work in compliance with national and international law. • Strive to enhance service quality and increase patient and employee satisfaction. • Ensure a safe working environment for all employees, especially our female employees. • Act in line with the hospital's vision and mission.

TRUST: Being an institution where our patients entrust themselves with confidence.

COMPETENCE: Providing healthcare services with professionals.

INNOVATIVE: Working to deliver healthcare services with the latest technology and new approaches and applications.