Our History


Our hospital started its services in the year 1938 at the location of the former Chief Physician's office in the center of Silifke. Over time, due to its inability to meet the growing demand, the current stone building, located next to the old Chief Physician's office, was constructed with the cooperation of the state and the citizens and was put into service in 1961.

Construction of an additional building commenced in 1988, and it was completed in 1993. As a result of mergers of institutions in 2007, our hospital expanded its service area significantly, incorporating the Tuberculosis Control Dispensary, Health Center No. 1, and the Group Headquarters buildings.

In late 2006, our hospital joined the hospitals that provide the option of choosing a physician, and important steps were taken in this regard in 2007.

Our new service building (the one currently in use) started its operations on May 6, 2013.

With an annual outpatient clinic application count exceeding 400, a bed capacity of 210, 150 patient rooms (100 single rooms and 50 double rooms), 9 active operating rooms, 25 adult intensive care beds (2nd level 19 beds, 3rd level 6 Intensive Care Beds), 4 Neonatal Intensive Care beds, imaging services, and laboratories, our hospital provides services.